Defend Sterilization Pouches

Defend Sterilization Pouches are manufactured by a leading industry supplier known as Mydent International. They are known for making a broad line of infection control products such as sterilizer pouches, barrier protection products such as gloves, and disposable dental supplies such as dental impression material used for recording bite registration. They produce this product line for the health care marketplace, but have a strong focus on providing for the dentist.

Defend Sterilization Pouches
Defend Sterilization Pouches

With their corporate headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, DEFEND is achieves their mission to deliver sterilization pouches to their customer. Their pouches are made of a durable structure and design. The functions of these Defend self sealing sterilization pouches feature the standard triple sealed seams. In addition, the strong materials used to make their products aid in preventing tears.

The pouches are also equipped with a blue, tinted transparent film which detects tears in case they do occur. Also, it is important to note their pouches are equipped with both internal and external indicators to ensure proper sterilization conditions have been met.

When dentists, salons, tattoo shops, hospitals, spas and more look to MyDent International for good quality infection control products, the Defend Sterilization Pouches stand out among the rest as they feature:

  • Easy to peel open and seal shut.
  • Self-sealing.
  • Both internal and external Indicators.
  • Safe for use in any steam Autoclave Sterilizer.
  • Contains medical-grade, virgin, non-recycled kraft paper.
  • Lead-free inks.
  • Clear film easy removable for rapid instrument access.
  • 200 pouches per box.